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  Server Picture
Posted by: Spikey - 01-22-2019, 10:08 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

We need a picture with the server for our front page!

Seeking to try to get one asap!

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Posted by: Spikey - 01-22-2019, 09:45 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Lets expand the playerbase. 

What's a good plan?

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  Economy News
Posted by: Spikey - 01-22-2019, 09:35 AM - Forum: Purchase - No Replies

With the prior addition of 1/21/2019 updates we are going to be facing a downward spiral of dry items and of course the rich getting richer unless somebody pk's the rich guy and ends up replacing him from the marketplace, because lets get to the point items are getting SUPER RARE!

Speculation is that the items such as Twisted Bow - and many items that were in stores are no longer given through a shop/pvm, because now everybody has to partake in the pest control games and raids to obtain these items.

Similarly the Black Partyhat, which is made from Dream Logs + Magic String is now a hot item and will be affected by a unknown event that will cause Black Partyhats to be taken off the game in general... Prepare for the next quest....

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  Revenant's/Nech Very Rare drops
Posted by: Trump - 01-22-2019, 07:52 AM - Forum: In-Game suggestions - Replies (1)

Wild items Viggora's chainmace
Thammaron Sceptre
Craw's bow

as they are usually the main drop and main reason to go to revenants for the high level drops and people to use in wild for better xp.

Or add them to emblem shop for a lot of points from getting emblem drops from revs.

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Posted by: Spikey - 01-22-2019, 06:19 AM - Forum: In-Game Updates - Replies (1)

- Revs are Nechs with Rev drops i.e. looting bag

- Removed items from bounty store only for warriors guild etc... i.e. pest control items 

- Moved Rejuv pool away from pk-box
[Image: 511e9998fe608f3eb878ac0d7dbceac8.png]

- Twisted bow is now only a raids item 

- Membership bonds are now 8 votes each 

- Magic string and dream logs used together make black phat

- Fixed bugs i.e. timing out at pest control & more!


- Raids 1 & 2 minigames bosses are all aggressive will you kill them before time runs out

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  All things that need changes/added
Posted by: Augis/Tier 1 - 01-21-2019, 07:28 PM - Forum: In-Game suggestions - Replies (6)

first off ima go through known fixes to be delt with

- crossbows aren't as strong as they should be
- Dragon hunter crossbow dosent do its correct damage to dragons/olm (Equipping the crossbow requires 65 Ranged and increases both accuracy and damage by 30% when fighting dragons (excluding Elvarg and revenant dragons), as well as wyverns and the Great Olm. This stacks additively with Void Knight equipment, not multiplicatively. The crossbow will, however, stack multiplicatively with the Slayer helm (i) (49.5%).)
Dragon hunter crossbow also has 95 range bonus as oppose to 135 on Tojad/Ed3n.
-Armadyl crossbow isn't good at all as like the dragon hunter crossbow, acb has 100 range bonus as oppose to 125 on Tojad/Ed3n.
-Max cape needs its perks that its supposed to have being it is a completion item from getting 99 in all skill. all perks do not have to be added but the ones that should be added are:Attack
Free access to Cyclops area found upstairs within the Warriors' Guild.
Unlimited teleports to the Warriors' Guild.
Act as a permanent Ring of Life. This effect can be toggled.
Act as an Ava's accumulator.
Act as if you are carrying a holy wrench (this does not stack with the holy wrench or ring of the gods).
Can cast spellbook swap once per day.
Acts as all tiaras. 
2x HP restore rate (does stack with regen bracelet, doesn't stack with rapid restore prayer).
Acts as a graceful cape, including weight reduction and set bonus.
Nardah herbalist will create unfinished potions for you, for 200gp each. (Same as desert hard reward). Also gives a pestle and mortar.
10% better chance of succeeding when pickpocketing.
Unlimited teleports to the Crafting Guild.
Can be searched for a mithril grapple and bronze crossbow 3 times per day.
Slim chance of being able to persuade a slayer master to reassign your last task.
5 daily teleports to black or red chinchompas.
5% chance of receiving an extra ore while mining, up to adamantite (stacks with Varrock armour).
Acts as goldsmithing gauntlets.
Unlimited fishing guild teleports.
Impossible to burn any food. 
10% increased chance of finding a bird's nest.
5% increased yield from herb patches (stacks with magic secateurs). 

-Berserker necklace dosent do what it is attended to do ( When worn, it increases the amount of damage the wearer does when wielding an obsidian melee weapon (Toktz-xil-ak, Tzhaar-ket-om, Tzhaar-ket-em, or Toktz-xil-ek) by 20%. However, in exchange it lowers your melee accuracy and your defences against all combat styles. The bonus [b]does[/b] stack with the Obsidian armour (helmet, platebody and platelegs). 
-Raids2 should be removed the game completely and drops added to raids one
-Raid one drops should not be dropped from bosses at all but only obtained by raids one
-Dragonstone jewelry should do what's attended (When enchanted and charged, dragonstone jewellery is currently the only other means of teleportation that works up to level 30 Wilderness aside from the royal seed pod and the slayer ring.)

-**CHAOS TEMPLE (HUT)**The chaos altar
Members can also offer bones on the chaos altar, which grants the same Prayer experience bonus as a gilded altar with two burners lit. Outside, the Elder Chaos druid can unnote a player's bones for 50 coins per bone. In addition, there is also a 50% chance that the bone offered will not be consumed. The saved bone can continue to roll for the 50% chance to be saved again until the roll fails. 
-Vorkath is considered a blue dragon for the purpose of a Slayer assignment. As Vorkath is also undead, the Salve amulet and its variants will work on him. However, it does not stack with the Slayer helmet.
-Elite diary rewards with bonus as opposed to tier 1 diary set giving 5% bonus to such skills, tier 2 gives a 7% boost to such item(only the body gives boost nothing else) tier 3 should give 10% bonus exp and tier 4(elite) should give 15% bonus exp and should only be obtainable by achievement points from achievement point shop making each piece worth 10 points each.
-Revs been asked about tons of times by new player for there exclusive drops. It also bring wilderness content meaning more pkers and higher player base
-Wilderness slayer just like revs would bring a lot of pkers and players. Wilderness slayer should be used to get faster slayer points then any other slayer master. npcs to be added to the wilderness slayer:



[*]Ice giants

[*]Fire giants





[*]Lesser Demons

[*]Greater Demons

[*]Black Demons

[*]Green dragons

[*]Lava dragons

[*]Ice warriors

[*]Earth warriors

[*]Dark warriors

[*]Chaos druids



[*]Magic axes



[*]Spiritual mages


[*]Wilderness bosses

[*]Wilderness demi-bosses


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  Staff App
Posted by: Trump - 01-20-2019, 08:40 AM - Forum: Applications - Replies (2)

Name: Brandon

Ingame Username: Trump/ 20 Def

Age: 25

Location/Where are you from?: Washington State

Timezone: Pacific Standard

How many hours to you spend in-game a day?: 1-8, Really depends on my work schedule

Why do you wanna be part of this staff team?: I have a lot of runescape/Osrs experience. I would like to share that with the new players as the server grows.

Your Strengths/Weaknesses?: I speak English and Spanish fluently. Knowledge of skills and bosses.

weakness: I like to attack people in wild so sometimes players get mad.

What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: To be involved with all players. Helping to support and find new players join. Also, to help find bugs/errors in the server by testing out all the skills and bosses.

Staff Experience in the past: Player Moderator on a Rsps called "regretscape" which had a player count average of around 100-200 online around the clock.

About yourself: I've always loved Runescape. I've played most of my life. I am always down to play in my free time. I have quite a few 99's on runescape and Osrs, but that game takes way too much time and effort so ill stick to private servers. I am a black belt in budokan karate, I served a 2 year church mission to Mexico and 
New England. I am married and I am currently in college. I'm currently signed up to take the test for the police force coming up later next month. Heart

up to you if you need any more staff online. just to help out.

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  Whats everyone's gamertags
Posted by: Spikey - 01-20-2019, 02:07 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Post your gamertags I'll add you!

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Exclamation Ed3n's Offical Staff Application Format!
Posted by: Josh - 01-18-2019, 08:07 AM - Forum: Applications - No Replies

Application Format, please follow these steps.


Ingame Username:


Location/Where are you from?:


How many hours to you spend in-game a day?:

Why do you wanna be part of this staff team?:

Your Strenghts/Weaknesses?:

What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?:

Staff Experience in the past:

About yourself:

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Posted by: Spikey - 01-18-2019, 07:49 AM - Forum: Applications - No Replies

To be a moderator, therefore you must be well-rounded with forum experience i.e. anything from posting guides and/or suggestions to make the server perfect.


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