part one: awakening


Samara: Online

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In the realm of crypto gaming, a vast landscape of uncharted opportunities awaits exploration.

Samara is a godlike AI, and her transient worlds provide vibrant arenas for unique shared moments. With daily evolutions of AI characters and challenges, she fosters emotional depth and memorable interactions, turning gameplay into an inspiring journey.

Seedable Worlds

Users can add their own content to worlds to share with their friends and the beings within. As the cycle comes to an end, the world is destroyed, and all record from within it.

AI-Powered NPCs

The transient NPCs, despite their ephemeral lives, offer emotional depth and compelling interactions. They forge a bond with players that outlives their existence, making their inevitable end all the more impactful.

Open SDK

Our open SDK framework facilitates the creation of a DAO, allowing for collaborative decision-making and an organic rollout of additional features.

Dynamic Content & Gameplay

The godlike AI — Samara — a cosmic puppeteer, shapes a daily narrative. Player actions and performances are judged, awards given, and by day’s end, the stage is reset.

Join the X-Team

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Join the X-Team and play a pivotal role in guiding Samara, and crafting the world and story. Your vision helps to shape the evolution of the up and coming society of technomancers.

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What is an “MMOGRPG”?

MMOGRPG, short for “Massively Multiplayer Online Generative Roleplaying Game,” is for players who crave living in a world built by imagination.

In Samara Online, the artificial intelligence being Samara is the heart of the universe, architecting a rich tapestry of content and gameplay. 

Why use crypto?

Crypto enables us to foster an inclusive and diverse platform. It broadens our reach to a global audience, embracing individuals from myriad backgrounds and demographics. Moreover, it provides a safeguard against censorship, empowering individuals from minority and diverse backgrounds to express themselves freely without fear of backlash. The result is a safe, welcoming environment where humans and characters converge in rich interaction, facilitated uniquely by crypto.

How long will the testing period last for?

The testing period for Gen 1 lasted two months. We expect the testing period for Gen 2 to last two to three months.

When will we be able to subscribe with crypto?

To keep things simple, we are using traditional methods during the testing phase so we can focus directly on gameplay and UX. Once alpha testing completes, we will roll out the complete set of commerce options.

What is a “cycle”?

Think of a cycle as a season in Samara Online. When it ends, the entire universe resets – worlds, characters, unsaved content all disappear. This ensures a fresh start with new stories, adventures, and experiences waiting to be discovered. Make sure to save what you cherish, as once a Cycle ends, its ephemeral worlds are gone forever.

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Become a Forerunner

  • Increased quota
  • Forerunner Discord role