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Amberjack Dreadnought 130 floating stickbait

Amberjack lures are some of the finest looking stickbaits and poppers that we’ve ever seen, and we’re delighted to be offering a big range of them here at Adventure Angler. 

The Dreadnought is a hand-carved floating stickbait with a range of great actions. Long sweeps produce a tight through-surface S-action with fizzing bubble trails, a continuous retrieve produces a rolling motion of the body and an S shaped swimming pattern, while short twitches produce a walk-the-dog action. 

 Each lure is developed and tested with great care to ensure it swims just right, painted to exquisite standards and finished with a multi-layer epoxy coat. This balance of hand crafting and rigorous quality control gives the angler a beautiful and subtly unique lure that can nonetheless be relied upon to perform perfectly as a fishing tool. We can’t recommend these enough! 

All Amberjack models come with NT swivels and 1.8mm marine grade Stainless Steel wires.

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